We are part of the JamJam Community, the Jam that is to improve and optimize the Jam Experience of the Global Service Jam and the Global Sustainability Jam, and recently also the GovJam. What is a Jam?

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The Global Service Jam (March 2011, February 2012) and the Global Sustainability Jam (October 2011) were incredible. Thousands of people in dozens of cities and countries on six continents came together and had a great time doing good.

More than 650 projects were created, the buzz reached tens of thousands, and the results can be seen in continued co-operations, projects and more and more fans working towards a design approach in so many circles of life. The Jams are rock-and-roll on a global scale.

But we want to improve. We want to be better, hotter, wilder. We want future Jams to be even more fun, and even more productive. We want to change the world.

At the Jam-Jam in Nuremberg (Nürnberg) in Germany experienced Jammers and Hosts work out tools and processes which will push the Jam idea forward towards bigger challenges and new, even more amazing experiences for Jammers. We have a brilliant time. It’s doing, not talking. It’s ROCK.

We start with a Service Design Drinks meet-up on the 31st of May. The Jam-Jam itself takes place 1, 2 and 3 or June 2012 in two wonderful locations: Friday we’re in Nuernberg’s FABLAB (www.fablab-nuernberg.de); then on Saturday and Sunday we will enjoy the wonderful Coworking (www.coworking-nuernberg.de) Space in their city-centre location.


Friday 1 June, Fablab


It’s Friday, 10am and everybody is excited to start jamming. Adam and Markus start off with some warm-up games. What will this JamJam be about?

We start by brainstorming about the process of a Jam, we build up teams and ask each other „What’s your jam experience?“.

We start building stations of cardboard using the great tool-box of  makedo http://mymakedo.com. We make simple boards, fold an arrow, and build up a bow. The names of the stations are „process“, „tools“, „principles“, „Jam games“, „prototyping“ and „how did you form teams?“. Now it’s time to stick post-its with ideas, thoughts, questions, suggestions, doodles, sketches… Doing not talking!

The first Jam exhibition is prepared. Let’s share stories and tools: #gsjamjam // #doingnottalking // #gsj12 // #gsusj11

The last thing for today: moving the objects to the cowering space, where we will work from Saturday on. It’s fun, not just for us. Nuernberg probably never has seen this before!

Saturday 2 June, Coworking

A good day starts with coffee and chatting and dancing and clapping. The first challenge for this morning: building up the exhibition for that we can experience what we were working on so far. We install one guard at each station. We share ideas and thoughts and add even more post-its. Then the guards have 30 seconds each to present the topic and the essence of their stations.

The main part of the JamJam starts. We prepare the working sessions by collecting and presenting ideas and bringing them together. We work out a tough timetable on three floors and start jamming the first sessions immediately.

Jam Tools & Process from Thomas Schönweitz on Vimeo.

Sunday 3 June, Coworking

Coffee, chatting, getting warm. We continue the sessions and focus on the visualisation of our ideas. The Jam will end at 3pm and we all want to can upload and share our files by the end of the day.

One of the sessions was about Twin Jams in the beginning and finally ended up with a project called „Time Machine“:

Time Machine happens during the Jam on Saturdays only. The hosts opt to join the Time Machine before the jam on base camp. There is a limited number of spaces and therefore it is a privilege to join the T.M.J and you must do your slot to enable the project to progress. Once your spot is confirmed you will receive the blog login and an email showing the time line. This illustrates: the local time you will receive the project, your position within the project and project phase you will contribute.
2 hours is a strict time limit! You must pass the project onto the next team within in this time. during in this time you will receive instructions from the previous city via Skype and the T.M.J blog, then work on the stage of your project and finally pass on the project in the same manner you received the project.
The time blog is the interface used to help the cities collaborate. The cities will post their data (images, text, video) and once they finished contact the next city and briefly give an update of their contribution.

Session „Crazy Tool Box“:

Here you will find some crazy interactions for stressed or struggled teams. Host could print this out, cut it into several peaces (one for each interaction) and put them into a fancy box just before the jam… If you getting aware of atmospheric disturbance in team, just give them the box and ask them to put one peace out of it and do the short interaction. be the center of attention of for 2 min (for 5 minutes everyone tries to get everyone everyone else’s attention for 2 min, take what it takes), yelling game, silly walk (do walk silly around the room or outside for 5 to 10 min), office chair rowing, dance with the broom, macarena steps, paper war, hot chicken (like hot potato, whoever loses, dances the chicken dance), group guess: what’s the animal (e.g camel in heat, cripple pigeon), chair robot game (everyone sitting on a chair, on chair is empty; the robot tries to go strait to the chair and the group tries to avoid it), watch a funny short movie (e.g. funny dog), kiss and fight (1- needs to give a kiss, 2- needs to receive a kiss, 3- tries to stop it), walk with something weird on your head, hug someone, the „never/always game“ (the first person starts a sentence with “never” and then the next person adds a word, until the sentence is finished; then again with always), telling the end of stories (just the end), do a little dance, share an embarrassing story, succeed  in moonwalking, fart sounds, really loud, scream, catwalk contest, tell a joke, human pyramid, cover you mate face with post-its, groups massage, eat candy, silly interaction started by a signal, play ping-pong with whatever you find around you (not mobiles), sword game in public, tell a story, one word per person

From time to time we combined Improv with Service Design Thinking:

In Improv it is important to „be in the moment“, and have all senses open. It’s a good idea to start by closing the eyes, take a deep breath and consider how you got there. Also consider the ToDo Lists you now leave behind. Concentrate on your presence. How are you standing and how are you feeling now? What do you see and hear around you now? Welcome to a day of Improv.

Session about Prototyping:

Idea Cards:

Images from the JamJam can be found in our Flickr Stream here:

Hope to see you at Global Sustainability Jam November 2nd – 4th 2012!

Stay tuned for more news and updates on Service Design Events near you!