SDT2012 – 1st Conference on Service Design and Tourism. Innsbruck/Austria, August 23-24 2012. from Marc Stickdorn on Vimeo.

Thomas Schönweitz und Chia Huii-Lin präsentierten auf der Service Design Tourism Lösungen der Studierenden der HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd zur Landesgartenschau Gmünd 2014

The travelling annual Federal Garden Exhibition (Landesgartenschau) presents a great chance for communities to redesign public parks and city landscapes and sharpen their touristic image. In 2014, Schwäbisch Gmünd will host this exhibition. This semester\’s service design course of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd is aiming to create compelling service concepts for Gmünd 2014 in cooperation with the event organisers. Tackling three different topics, they will execute a complete service design process from client briefing to service prototypes and final concepts, looking for solutions to the following challenges: 1. How can the exhibition experience be made captivating and playful for a younger audience? 2. How can the LGS provide an experience that is equally great during times of foul weather? 3. How can great experiences be created around the way food is prepared, offered and served to visitors of the LGS? The audience will learn about the tools and processes taught in a comprehensive introduction to service design and how we structured the learning process by following service design principles. Students will present the outcomes and challenges of their individual process in a series of short recaps, showing examples of explorative and ethnographic research, methods like service ecosystem mapping, customer journey mapping, ideation tools, service prototyping, service blueprinting etc. executed during the project. Ideally, the presentation could be complemented by a small exhibition of the project outcomes.

Service Designing for Landesgartenschau Gmünd 2014 from Thomas Schönweitz on Vimeo.